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About Me


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Let me start from where I am at right now. I am at Starbucks, typing up this page, unsure if I have misspelt something or given cause to the grammar Nazis. I love coffee. And yes, I admit, I am addicted to it. It isn't the energy bar for me that it is for many other people. Instead, like a true addict, it changes how I feel. The smell of it makes me think I can do anything, achieve anything. Yes, a true addict. Is God happy with me or is he disappointed that I am an addict? In his eyes, am I the equivalent of a cigarette addict? Is it only social acceptance that differentiates me and the cigarette guy/gal?

And this brings me to something that describes a big part of who I am. God matters to me, a lot. What I think he wants dictates a lot of my behavior. I don't mean that I do things as I think he wants them. I try to, but a lot of the times I don't succeed. At the end of the day though, if you ask me what I want the most, I want to make him happy. Not because I feel like he would throw me out, but because I love him and like a loved son, I want my father to be happy.



My parents are lovely people, very caring and meticulous in the way they raised us. Gave us their attention 24/7 and always treated us with respect. That somehow made us act like adults, even while we were teenagers. Above all, they loved us, sacrificing their lives and enjoyment to make sure our futures were bright. I love them very deeply. Of course, as the Bible says, I have someone in my life that is poised to take over their love, not by replacing them, but by occupying a place in my heart that has been a built space for every human since the beginning of time. But I won't go in detail about her because she is super private ;).

I am very blessed to have people in my life that love me and care about me. As I evolve, I will update this page so that the "about me" doesn't stay the same but rather changes, reflecting who I am at each point in time.

Full Disclosure: I work for Microsoft but all opinions, on tech or otherwise, are completely my own.