App Idea : Decentralized Messaging

I have had this idea of a decentralized messeging service. Living in this day and age where everybody is interested in what used to be your personal life, it seems whatever product comes up with this is going to be the ultimate winner.

I have very specific ideas on how to implement the service. However, without going into the details, here are somethings that I discovered along the way.

  1. The penality for anonymity seems to be speed. Whatever messeging system comes up, it seems that it has to be slow in order for it to be completely anonymous.

  2. Lots of people will need to adopt. In order for the messeges to be completely anonymous, it will have to be adopted by a lot of people.

I will go into the more technical details when I am not typing this up at 3 in the morning ;)

Good night!