Awareness for improvement

Awareness for improvement

If you are unaware of yourself, you cannot improve yourself

I have recently noticed that as my life has gotten busier, I have had less and less time to reflect on myself and my thoughts. After a few years of having gone through the process for several years, I have realized just how much I have changed. Some of those changes have been good but some are very unwelcome.

The biggest thing for me wasn't that I became this or that, rather it was that I changed not because I decided but because of external pressure. I essentially outsourced the most important thing in my life, my personal self-development, to my environment.

While that hasn't been horrible for me, and quiet a lot of things have happened the way I would have wanted them to, I still prefer taking the wheel personally, or, if i decide to give away the wheel, then I would rather give it intentionally.

Here is a question for you, dear reader. Look at who you were a few years ago and compare it to who you are today. Who is responsible for the changes, or lack of changes, in your character? Is it you or those around you who control what you become?

If you don't have a quick and simple answer that satisfies you, then maybe its time for you to explore taking back control of your character and deciding intentionally what to do with it.

Otherwise, you might wake up one day, full of regrets about who you have become.