Believe the better story

Believe the better story

No one has any idea how their life will turn out. No one knows the consequences of their choices or how the life they live today will determine their future.

However, we have a choice in terms of the expectations that we have about the future as we make the choices. I have no idea if the path I have chosen is going to get me to a good place. I do make those choices based on the best understanding I have, but I am still, at the end of the day, guessing.

So with that in mind, it is easy to realize that our expectations of the outcome of our choices, once they are made, are only of consequence to us and that at the end of the day, the choices we make are going to have good/bad consequences that are independent of them.

So here is the choice; do we believe the horrific expectations that we usually tend to ascribe to being a realistic person or do we choose to believe the better story.

I for one, having made a choice, will believe the better story. That way, even if the worst comes to pass, I haven't wasted my time in fear of what was inevitable.