Buildoc, the simple build system

Buildoc is an open source project aimed at simplifying the process of compiling.

It does this by letting project gurus create containers that have the right environment for compiling and then letting them share these containers with contributors to simplify the process of building.

While the method of docerizing a build isn't new, the aim of the project is to make creation and use of these containers easy enough that wide-spread adoption is possible.

As a v0.1 sample, the project contains a couple of scripts that support a relatively easy workflow for creating the aforementioned container environments.

Getting Started

To get started, we take the 4 files in the buildoc repository (excluding the Readme file) and copy it into the folder which contains the code we are trying to build.

Next, we execute the script for building the container as follows,

cd /path/to/project

./build-script IMAGENAME

The script starts by first creating a container from an empty Ubuntu image and then connecting you into it.

Other than being a default Ubuntu, the path from which you started the script will be mounted under /src/.

Once it has loaded you into it, go ahead and get all the prerequisites and requirements for a working build. Test it out by building the /src/.

Once you have finished creating the environment and you are sure you can build, then you can simply type exit and the script should continue by taking the container that you just setup and makes it an image that you can later reference.

Now, go to the source folder and one of the files you copied should be named start.

This script is what will be executed when the users of the container you make run the build command.

Once you share the container, developers for your project can now simply execute the build script that you copied over earlier.