I was hanging out with a kid, a teenager from Seattle. I have always loved the idea of mentoring kids and when it seemed like the right opportunity, I grabbed it. I spent half a day with him and a bunch of my friends, just hanging out with no pressure, just living my life (as I think mentoring ought to be). It was during one of our conversations that he mentioned that he had recently gotten into a fist fight. When I asked him why, he replied "because he pissed me off". After a little back and forth, it seemed that the kid deserved it (at least he thought he did). I asked him if this was the right way to deal with people who do bad things. His simple reply was "yep, and I think so because that is how it was when I was raised. My mom would hit me every time I pissed her off which taught me to behave". To be honest, that might not be an exact quote but that was the basic summary.

I had heard someone say that kids who get physical punishment at home are more likely to get into fights at school. In this case, they couldn't be more right. Growing up, all we learn for the first couple of years is from our parents. We learn our views of life from them, soaking up each move they make and using it to guide our own. Now when a kid behaves badly, the reaction of many parents seems to be to hit them. This will make the kids stop whatever they are doing. However, in doing so, they will have taught the kid a key lesson.

If someone is pissing you off, hit them to make them stop.

And then they wonder, why does my kid get into fights all the time?