A Verse for Everyday Life

A Verse for Everyday Life

Lord, you alone are my inheritance, my cup of blessing. You guard all that is mine. -Psalms 16:5

I went out to buy a car today and only managed to go through one dealership. I found this car that I really liked and the sales guy said, "You have to get it, its the last one on sale!". Of course, he would say that, that is his job. I really, really liked the car and I loved everything about it. But I wanted to pause and consider it before I bought it, so I told him I would think it over and would come back some other time but that I wanted to test drive it if it was possible. We got into the car, and we started driving, and everything about the car was all I wanted it to be. And he kept on hammering the point, last one on sale (to his credit, he was doing a very smooth job).

At some point, I started to really want to get the car the same day. I started arguing with myself, one part of me saying I should wait and chat with my brother and the other saying I should take the opportunity while it was available. At the very last moment though, I remembered the word above,

"You guard all that is mine.."

Its so contrary to how our minds think. Whether because of our genes or our culture, we are always trying to grab at every opening. We are forever held prisoners by our desire not to let opportunities pass us by.

But the Word says God guards all that is mine. If the car is suppose to be mine, then I don't have to worry about it. It will be there when I come back after taking all the right steps.

I am not saying that taking opportunities is bad. I am saying being driven to do something because you are afraid the opportunity will pass you by is bad. If God means for you to walk a certain path, then it will bring you peace of mind. God is the God of Peace.

So I said thank you and walked out. Part of me was still struggling to get back but I said no to it, not because I didn't want to take the opportunity, but rather because my decisions shouldn't be based on fear.

If it is mine, God will keep it.