How August locked me out of my apartment

How August locked me out of my apartment

I am a tech nerd who finds pleasure in having and using any gadget or tech that is remotely useful (pun intended).

So, it's with great pain that I must say that I ran into an August lock that was "malfunctioning". Basically, it wouldn't let me turn the lock from the outside and wouldn't turn the lock from the inside.

This is the nightmare scenario you think of when trying to decide if you want to buy a digital lock. As with anything digital, there is a slight chance that an error might occur with the device. However, when it is your lock experiencing the slight error that can be fixed from the inside when you are on the outside, its a bit frustrating.

I had to give up and go spend the night at a friends house. Right now, I am convinced I want to take thing off and go back to the sweet reliability of using a purely physical lock but I have to say, even with me this angry at the lock, I still think I have gotten a lot of value from the lock. I regularly unlock it remotely for my SO and friends, and I also love having it unlock automatically and trigger events in IFTTT, such as turning on my Lifx bulbs.

Not sure what I am going to decide but I will tell you this, with the prospect of sleeping on a relatively uncomfortable sofa tonight while the TV is blaring in front of me, its not looking good for August.

Update: In the morning I was able to get to my apartment using a method that has made me aware just how easy it is to get into my apartment. I need more security.