Is Anything Stored Digitally Safe?

Over the past week there have been numerous leaks of various celebrities in what would be considered private poses. As of this writing, the FBI is involved and no one is yet sure of how those pictures leaked.

This convinces me more than ever that I am right in principle I follow.

Never digitize anything that you would mind sharing with the whole world

Notice how I didn't say "upload" or "Save on the cloud" or anything along those lines. I am saying ANYTHING that you have digitally can be taken from you over the internet/physically at somepoint.

The current infrastructure just isn't where it needs to be inorder for you to be able to trust that your data stays where you put it. Whats worse is that, its not as if its a physical thing that you lost. If it was, there would only be one copy of it and that would be so much more easier to get back. But digital information is like spilt water, the best you can do is try to mop it up and move on.

With this in context, I am actually planning on moving all my data to my personal cloud (which works with all my devices). I do this not because I am an expert at Cloud security. Rather, the security is based on one crucial piece.

It requires physical access to setup the connection

This means that while I, as a person who has access to my home, will be able to set it up, a hacker over the internet will simply not be able to do so. This means that only people who have direct access to my home will be able to access my stuff. And trust me, those people would have access to it anyways.

More one how I plan to set it up will come later.

Good night guys!