Living with the Reality of Death

Living with the Reality of Death


We are all different. We have had different histories as a people and different experiences as individuals. Separated and spread throughout the world, we have different cultures that developed in radically diverse ways to reflect our unique backgrounds.

One experience, however, is universal.


No matter where someone is from ( either in time or geographical location), we are all intimately familiar with the reality of our own ultimate demise. And we are very aware of our mortality. There is no culture that does not deal with this condition, no religion that ignores it and certainly no study of existence that does not embrace it.

As a Christian, I have a very specific view point about death but this article is not about that view point. Instead, I am writing this to state that our philosophy of life should address this fundamental experience.

Our philosophy of life, or more simply, the principles that we use to make choices(even people that have no principles are under the guide of the principle of having none!)should always address this universal event.

Any way of life that doesn't address it fails to draw a complete picture of life. Even to ignore it, one must explicitly admit its existence; to do anything less means to avoid a significant portion of life.

Death isn't just one experience. It is a fundamental piece of life.