Matebook X Pro

I love this laptop.

It is a beautiful machine. On the hardware level, I haven't found a single thing I hate about it. In every catagory, it has simply impressed me on every level.

Picture of Matebook X Pro on Bed

I don't want to talk about specs, because there are plenty of reviews that cover that. Instead, I want to express just how satisfying it feels to use this on a daily basis (full disclosure, I am on day 2 of using this laptop).

And the price is such a beautiful thing! For a similarly speced, the price comes around to $2000 for a Dell XPS 13, compared to the $1500 I spent on this Matebook. I also got a great deal at the Microsoft store for $300 in instore credit.

Performance seems fine for the tasks that I have been using it for so far. Fan has been kicking in a lot but considering I am still in the installation phase of owning the laptop, I am going to give it the benefit of the doubt.

I will continue to update this with any new things I experience or see about this laptop. Hopefully, all of it will be really good experiences!

Update 1 : 1 Day after purchase

Now that the post purchase install phase has ended, the laptop seems to be as quiet as can be. Videos seem to get it to kick in, especially if you are browsing instagram videos, which seem to be a little on the unoptimized side of the video watching experience (yes, that was shade).