Neglecting what you already have while you seek what is out of your grasp

Please forgive the abysmally ugly title I have plastered on this article. Hopefully, I will have fixed that by the time I finish this and you will be wondering what I am talking about.

As people, we tend to focus on the things that are wrong in our lives. We spend most of the cycles of our lives obsessing and stressing, working on and work for any shortcoming we notice in our lives. Whether it be in our personal lives or in careers, or in our spiritual lives, the things that occupy us are the wrongs.

However, life isn't composed entirely of the wrongs. Otherwise, our mind would have quickly adjusted to perceive the bad as good simply because it is so prevalent. Instead, except for a few, specific people, we are surrounded by a health mixture. Nonetheless, we promptly imprison ourselves in our self-conceived notion that life is suppose to be perfect and we struggle and demand to be taken out of the very prison we have constructed.

While we are fighting this futile struggle, we are met, unfortunately, by the consequences of our negligence; the death of the things that were good in our lives. The beautiful in our lives dies a lonely death while we are wrestling the unbeatable ugly.

What if we reach within ourselves to grasp that which is already there, the shining light that already exists? What if, while nonetheless we try to improve our lives, we still grasp a little more tightly the very thing that makes it possible for us to say our lives are not a complete waste of time?