Ordinary choices can be extraordinary

How meaningful is your single act of kindness? How much impact do your choices as part of society have? Do you feel that most of your choices don't matter and that whether you do right or wrong, it will not have any real impact in the grand scheme of things?

The Book of Ruth, named after the main character of the book, is a story about a foreign born  woman who chose to stand by her mother-in-law when tragedy struck and took both her father-in-law and her own husband. Left alone, this young woman had many choices including remaining in her own country and remarrying. However, she chooses to shoulder the love that she felt for her mother-in-law and follows her to a new country, one that did not care for unmarried foreign women.

The story of the book gently guides its reader towards the final revelation of the consequences of this choices by Ruth, unexpectedly granting her an everlasting position in the single most famous book in the world and making her an ancestor of the messiah.

So remember this story when you feel like doing the right thing is pointless. Do it because you don't know what the impact of any choice is. So instead, if you live with principles, then you can only have impact you can be proud of. Even if no one remembers, the weaver of the story, God, will remember and reward.

Play your life for an audience of one.