Scarier than death

Scarier than death

Crossing to the other side

I was recently contemplating death. I have never been very afraid of death, having been raised in a Christian family. Not that I am fatalistic, but the belief that I have an eternal life after death gives me a level of comfort that I, personally, couldn't have gotten without said belief. The reader might be inclined to think that I wouldn't feel that way at the moment of death but I, having had one such moment, can confirm that my faith withstood the pressure.

The most challenging time for me is when I share this belief with someone whose imminent death is a serious possibility. How do I state this belief without being the unsympathetic jerk who, not being on his death bed, spews out verses that wouldn't have comforted him if the roles were reversed?

While getting a midnight snack (most of which is gone by the time I got to this line), I realized something.

More scary than death is living past God's purpose

As Christians, we live entirely to live out God's purpose in our lives. All of the things that we do, all the years that we live, our faith tells us it is for God. Not that we perfectly fulfill our roles, but that we are daily raised towards the unattainable perfection in our human lives. This perfection, said simply, is to do as God wants us to do.

However, there comes a time when God's will for us on this earth is done, and we must bid farewell to the world that has hosted our being for the entirety of our existence and enter the new world of which much has been said in the Bible. Would it not be scary to continue to live past this point on earth, without God's purpose?

Yes, given the choice to live, if it is entirely up to me, I would live to the ripe old age of 120+. But if this life held only temporal meaning, to impact only my own pleasure, without the presence of God in it, then I would pass.

Much better it is to live out the will of God and cross-over to continue into the second part of our story as Christians, eternal life by his side.