...At that time people began to call upon the name of the Lord. Gen 4:26

It was when Seth became the head of the family of Adam that for the first time since humanity was evicted from the Garden of Eden, man called out to God. There is something profound about being the person who was the leader of the generation in reaching out the the forgotten creator.

I realize I might be reading into the verse a little too much, but it is a moving statement.


That is an amazing word. Started. When I read that, I pictured a revolution. Upto that point, people had been content with living out their multi-century lives without really concerning themselves with what comes after. Either their longevity gave them an arrogant confidence or they were to mired in their daily struggles but in either case, they didn't seem to concerned with what comes after death.

And then this guy steps into the scene. Seth, whose name means "to settle" in some interpretation, the opposite of Cain, who founded the city of "Nod", which means "wondering". While the Bible never explicitly makes the connection between the arrival of Seth on the scene and people's call to the Lord, I found it implied.

I wonder how he lived and what kind of person he was through out his 912 years. Was he born different and dedicated to God or did become that person. I rather think the later.

Who of us is going to be the Seth of our generation, the one who is going to be the cause for people to call on the name of the Lord?

Enter your name below and see if the sentence fits (Hint: It will because we are all called for it).

Because of people began to call upon the name of the Lord