The Kingdom Awaits

The Kingdom Awaits

You are a boy just living his life. A girl trying to just make it through. The man trying to just provide for his family. The woman trying to just keep the family together.

We cannot climb mountains we cannot see.

We cannot cross oceans without a destination.

We cannot achieve without a goal.

The day-to-day ups and downs of life keep our eyes focused on just the current step. While we get good at the execution of today's step, without direction, we might as well not have taken that step at all.

We were not born purposeless, pointlessly created by an unfeeling cosmos. How do I know? I believe it. I embrace that I don't have any evidence that this is true but I refuse to accept anything less. Otherwise, any effort is for nothing and therefore all actions and truths are all equivalently pointless.

So why, why was a being as complex as you created?

That is for you to journey to find out. My aim is to spur you to search.