Why I *love* my Surface Pro 3

Why I *love* my Surface Pro 3

I had to spend a night at the hospital, not for myself but rather to keep my SO's father company overnight. I had a lot of work to do but when someone you care about is ill, you just have to be there for them. However, I also knew I couldn't just skip out on work so I brought my Surface along for the trip.

Since he wasn't seriously ill (they just wanted him to stay overnight for a complete checkup), I waited until he went to sleep, opened up my Surface and got myself ready for some mobile (read as sub-par) level work.

Except I didn't get the chance.

What I had forgotten was that, even at home, I use my Surface Pro 3 driving two 27" monitors as my primary work machine. At the hospital, all I lost were the monitors. Everything else was pretty much the same as home.

So, instead of struggling to get work done, I am pretty much the same as I am at home. Maybe even a bit better since I started with seriously low expectations as to how much work I can get done.

All this, thanks to the beast I have at my fingertips.

Processor: Intel i7 @ 1.70GHz 2.30 GHz
Installed Memory: 8 GB (The only negative thing I have about this is that it doesn't have 16GBs of RAM)